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Profile – Helen Burt

Helen Burt is full of hope at the possibility of a better life, as she starts her journey from aged care to living in her own home.

Helen, 62, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For almost 7 years, Helen has lived in an aged care facility, however she has just been offered an SDA apartment in Melbourne.

Moving into my own apartment will just be a complete game changer for me,” Helen said.

For so long I have had a feeling of complete hopelessness. I thought I would never move out of aged care and that I would die here.

I haven’t looked forward to the milestones that most people do, like family events and visits.

Now I’m looking forward to having my friends and family visit me. It’s an enormous thing for me to think that my son and his partner can come over and we can spend time together in my own home.”

After breaking her leg and spending 6 months in hospital, Helen couldn’t return home. When making choices for the future she was given only one option – which was to live in aged care.

Younger people should not spend time in aged care…immediately you begin to go physically and mentally downhill, and you have no opportunity to re-build,” Helen said.

I felt that I wanted to continue on with my life. I have a lot more to contribute.

“I can’t describe how I feel now as I’m just so excited. It’s amazing, incredible – just wonderful really.

I now have hope for the future.

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