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Podcast wins early Shorten interview

Bill Shorten podcast

A day after the latest Federal Budget the Summer Foundation’s Dr George Taleporos interviewed the Minister for the NDIS Bill Shorten about what it will mean for people with disability.

Mr Shorten told the Reasonable & Necessary podcast the government remains committed to the target of no younger people living in aged care by 2025. 

He spoke about how the Budget’s $730 million spend on changes to the NDIS would affect people with disability.

After the interview Dr George said: “This week it is 10 years since we won our fight for an uncapped National Disability Insurance Scheme and the right to reasonable and necessary supports.

Ten years on, with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese saying the growth in the NDIS is ‘not sustainable’, many of us are worried about what this means for our future.

“Is the government putting a cap on the NDIS? Are our plans going to be cut? Will it be more difficult to get onto the NDIS?

These are the questions that people with disability and our families across the country have been asking. The best person to answer them is the NDIS Minister.

You can hear his answers in the podcast here.

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