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Personalised Budgets and Independent Assessments

The NDIA has recently released information on plan flexibility and budget planning.

The new approach to personalised budgets enables more flexibility and control for every person. It supports a participant led discussion on what supports are needed, how and when they will be used and can bring opportunity to try and test new types of support.

Amelia Condi, our Head of Government Relations and Policy said “With the right capacity building and guidance from a quality, informed support coordinator, personalised budgets can give people the freedom to live their lives.

The NDIA is looking to make personalised budgets possible through the support of independent assessments. The right framework to underpin independent assessments could facilitate a good understanding of the support needs of NDIS participants. Finding an equitable and dignified way of allocating a funding envelope to each NDIS participant is the gateway to personalised budgets and more flexible plans.

There should always be an opportunity for independent assessments to be informed by the professionals already in an individual’s life and conducted with the view of enhancing capacity and independence. 

The Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Linda Reynolds, has announced that the introduction of independent assessments will be put on hold pending evaluation of pilots and consultation.

The organisation is looking forward to contributing to the design of a framework to underpin independent assessments,” said Ms Condi. “The NDIS participant must be at the centre of the assessment.

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