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March 2019

Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia: March 2019



This report is the most comprehensive snapshot undertaken to date on how the market is responding to the opportunity to expand housing supply for people with disability. It highlights geographies and building types where the SDA market has had a strong early response, and shines a light on areas where SDA supply remains weak and needs more focus by providers and government.


Social Ventures Australia and Summer Foundation (2019).

January 2021

Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia: January 2021



This report provides a comprehensive summary of the current supply of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Australia. A national survey of SDA providers and developers was undertaken in October-November 2020. This survey offers insights into the SDA pipeline across Australia in 2020, and combines the survey results with the data published by the NDIA to provide the market an estimate of the supply pipeline. This report also provides insights into the experience of SDA providers. This includes their views about the SDA market as a whole, as well as plans they may have to develop further SDA.

This is the third annual report of its type, building on previous work of the Summer Foundation and Social Ventures Australia. The data in this report results from a survey of SDA providers in October and November 2020.

Previous editions of this report can be downloaded below.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia: March 2020
Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia: March 2019


Housing Hub and Summer Foundation. (2021).

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