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Listings Snapshot shows where the shortages are

Short-term and medium-term accommodation (STA and MTA) for people with disability is in undersupply, according to the 4th edition of the Listings Snapshot report released by the Housing Hub.

STA and MTA are crucial in providing temporary housing for people with disability while they wait to move into long-term housing, preventing them being forced to live in aged care or hospital settings.

Across both listings and searches on the Housing Hub website, an ongoing lease is the rental term most in supply (89.7%) and in demand (73.8%). However, the proportion of seekers looking for STA (11.0%) and MTA (15.2%) was larger than the supply of these property types at 5.1% and 5.2%, respectively.

Sharing comparisons between supply and demand data can help uncover potential gaps between what housing seekers are looking for, and what is being offered in the market. The insights generated by the Housing Hub can enable the needs and preferences of people with disability to shape future development and ensure housing seekers find suitable homes.

The latest reports and previous editions of the Listings Snapshot report can be found on the Housing Hub website here.

The supply and demand issue of specialist disability accommodation and investor risk was also discussed in an article in the Financial Review in April.

The key risk is that we’re not basing the decisions on what to build or where to build on what people need,” Housing Hub chief executive Alecia Rathbone told the paper.

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