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Let’s talk – new discussion paper

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For many years, the Summer Foundation has focused on improving housing for people with disability in Australia. We have done this because housing for people with disability has long been grossly inadequate.  

While there is still a long way to go, the advent of the NDIS in the past decade, including SDA, has seen significant steps forward in the quality of housing available to Australians with disability. 

What has become apparent though is that while the quality of housing is improving, the quality of supports being provided within that housing in many cases is not.

The research and anecdotal feedback from people with disability clearly show supports people receive at home are integral to their lives. But that research and anecdotal feedback also show the quality of these supports is variable, with participants’ needs often not being met.

The Summer Foundation has compiled a paper that summarises findings from relevant research to help inform the discussion about supports at home in the lead-up to, at, and after our Annual Public Forum on 2 November.

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