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Leaving Hospital Well Project

Over the past 18 months the Summer Foundation’s Leaving Hospital Well Project has built the capacity of Victoria’s health services to understand, navigate and develop best practice collaborative discharge under the NDIS.

The project delivered 93 training sessions to 2,000 participants within 20 Local Health Networks in Victoria. They included local health network staff, support coordinators, allied health and community health staff, GPs and housing providers.

Our pre and post training survey found a 71% increase in the capacity of health staff to interface with the NDIS. Key improvements included the implementation of NDIS governance structures, policies, resources and data collection.

The ability of hospital staff to support people to access the NDIS and gain the support they need showed notable improvements across all topics and 98% of participants said they could apply the learning to their work. This will mean improved outcomes for people with disability.

The Leaving Hospital Well Project was funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

The Summer Foundation will continue to support hospital staff involved in discharge planning by moderating and disseminating practical tools and resources through the Leaving Hospital Well Community of Practice. We are working on a range of new resources including webinars and practical information to support streamlining health and NDIS processes for better discharge outcomes.

For more information about the Leaving Hospital Well Community of Practice and how to join click here.

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