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Help end the wait for people with disability

Last week a new campaign was launched to get Australians with disability the housing support
they need.

The ‘Down to 10 days’ campaign calls on the Government and NDIA to make faster, more accurate decisions around housing and supports for Australians with a disability.

It’s simply unacceptable to have people with a disability languishing in hospital beds, nursing homes and other unsuitable places for months on end.

That’s why we are proud to be part of an alliance of disability, health and housing organisations that are backing this new campaign.

To succeed in getting the Government and NDIA to action though, we need your support.

Sign the petition, share the stories on social media and contact your local MPs and ask ‘How long should we have to wait?’

A safe, suitable place to live is something every Australian has a right to. Together we can make it happen. 

Visit downto10days.org.au and sign the petition.

Share your experience

Are you currently waiting for housing and support from the NDIS? 

Have you previously had to wait too long for an NDIA decision? 

We would love to hear your experience and, if you are comfortable, share it with others to get people with disability the housing and support they need.

Please fill out the form on the website at downto10days.org.au and our team will discuss with you.

Pre Budget Submission

The Summer Foundation submitted its Pre Budget Submission 2022 to the Federal Government’s Budget process in January 2022. It highlights the need for action from the Federal Government to achieve better outcomes for 30,000 NDIS participants with the highest support needs. 

The ‘Down to 10 days’ campaign builds on this submission, emphasising the need to improve the efficiency and accuracy of funding for housing and support for participants.

You can read the Pre Budget Submission here.

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