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From aged care to home

After more than 4 years living in aged care William was finally able to move into a specialist disability accommodation apartment with the help of the Aged Care to Home service. The move came 4 days before his 52nd birthday.

William had identified his housing goal but it took him some time to be able to achieve it.

I am deaf and have cerebral palsy. I use sign language,” William said. “Nearly 5 years ago I was transferred from hospital to an aged care facility after an illness.

The 4 years in aged care were extremely tough for me and it wasn’t helped by the COVID pandemic. But through the Housing Hub and my NDIS providers I was finally able to get a place in an SDA apartment.

As a result everything seemed back to normal and the world is a more meaningful place.” 

The Summer Foundation has partnered with the Housing Hub to develop and deliver the free specialist Aged Care to Home service.

The service works directly with young people living in aged care, and their supporters, to achieve their housing and support goals. 

There is no charge for the Aged Care to Home service, which is philanthropically funded. 

This work of the service aligns with the Federal Government’s target to ensure all younger people transition out of aged care by 2025 (apart from in exceptional circumstances). 

In its first 12 months the Aged Care to Home service has supported 13 people to move out of aged care and many others to improve their quality of life while remaining in aged care.

For more information visit the Aged Care to Home webpage.

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