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Easy way to find information

We are making it easier for people with disability to find information on our website.

The information aims to help people access the NDIS, make changes to their NDIS plan or search for suitable housing.

The new click-through format relates directly to the situation a person is in. For example, “I am in hospital” then leads to “I can’t go back to my old home” or “My home needs to be changed before I can go back” or “I need more support so I can go back home”.

Users are provided with helpful information at each step. This includes:

• How to get an NDIS plan or change a plan

• How to work out housing and support needs and identify housing goals

• How to find housing

• Planning and making the move

• What the NDIS will pay for

The website includes a similar step-by-step approach for someone living in a nursing home or who needs to change their housing or support.

If you’d like to test drive our new approach go to our Information for people with disability webpage.

We’ve also made it easier for staff in aged care facilities who need information so they can support a younger resident who wants to move out or to improve their quality of life in the nursing home.

The information for aged care staff is presented in the same new layered approach for each specific situation. You can find it here.

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