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Disability Royal Commission Hearings

In early December, the Summer Foundation’s Dr Di Winkler and Dr George Taleporos presented at the Disability Royal Commission’s hearing in Melbourne which focused on housing for people with disability, including the experiences of people in group homes.

The earlier evidence on abuse and neglect in disability housing was distressing and sobering. However, the Commissioners were highly engaged in alternative housing and support options, and solutions that provide people with disability control over where they live, who they live with and who provides their support.

Dr Taleporos said: “It’s about asking that person themselves – how do you want to live? Where, and who do you want to provide the support? And that way [we] will be a lot closer to being included in the community.

We just want what everyone else wants. We want an education. We want jobs. We want friends. We want relationships. It’s not that special. But we can’t do that if we’re forced to live where we don’t want to live.

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