Group 3

Disability Royal Commission final report focuses on inclusive housing

The Summer Foundation welcomes the Disability Royal Commission’s focus on inclusive housing in its final report. As we continue to focus our work on people with disability with high and complex needs we welcome the 11 recommendations around housing in the report. 

Our Position Statement details our recommendations and how we intend to work with governments to bring these recommendations to fruition. 

In response to the final report we will continue working with and for Australians with disability, particularly those requiring 24/7 support. We remain committed to a range of initiatives that will improve the lives of people with high and complex needs.

We seek to work with governments to provide an evidence base supported by research, co-design, and projects that demonstrate innovation and potential.  We will scale evidence based solutions and design alternative approaches to supported independent living. 
We look forward to working with all levels of government to improve the outcomes of people with high and complex needs. For further details, you can read our full submission here.

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