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End housing discrimination in NSW

The Building Better Homes Campaign is calling for an end to housing discrimination against people with disability and older Australians in NSW.

The NSW Government recently unveiled an ambitious new housing plan in its 2024-25 budget, but it has failed to commit to making these houses accessible.

For the past 2 years NSW has failed to sign up to national mandatory design standards that require new developments to offer basic accessibility. 

The standards are not onerous or expensive – they include step-free entry to new houses, a step-free shower and wider corridors and doorways. Australian Building Codes Board modelling shows the added cost to a new build would only be about 1%.

Inaccessible housing leaves people isolated, at an increased risk of injury and unable to age at home. It can also significantly impact quality of life, preventing people from leaving their home or visiting their friends or family.

NSW and WA are the only states or territories in the country that have not signed up to the mandatory accessibility standards in the National Construction Code.

The Building Better Homes Campaign is asking people to sign an open letter to call on the NSW Government to end discriminatory housing. Please sign the letter here today.

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