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Breakfast Club Lecture Series 2016

Podcasts from the Summer Foundation’s 2016 Breakfast Club lecture series on brain injury rehabilitation are now available online and via the iTunes store.

These lectures provide up-to-date research and clinical practice for professionals in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Download the podcasts here.

2016 Breakfast Club series:

Lecture 1:
Topic: Return to Driving after Traumatic Brain injury – processes, outcomes and driver rehabilitation interventions.
Presenter: Pam Ross, Grade 4 Senior Occupational Therapist, Driving and Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator, Epworth Rehabilitation

Lecture 2:
Topic: Holding Resilience in Trust – Working Systemically with Families post ABI
Presenter: Franca Butera-Prinzi, ABI Team Leader
, The Bouverie Centre

Lecture 3:
Topic: The development of a gold-standard clinical assessment for associated reactions of the arm following brain injury.
Presenter: Michelle Kahn, Senior Physiotherapist, Epworth Rehabilitation and PhD Candidate

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