Group 3

At home with Xavier

Xavier was stranded in hospital for 12 months after flying over the handlebars of his bike and breaking his spine, leaving him a quadriplegic.

The now 14-year-old had been given the medical all-clear to go home, but there was no suitable accommodation in his Victorian hometown of Echuca.

Earlier this year the Summer Foundation supported Xavier and his family to find and move to a suitable house in Echuca.

We caught up with Xavier’s grandmother Roz to see how things are going.

How has your family life improved since Xavier left hospital?

Jase (Xavier’s dad), Xavier and (brother) Mitchell being reunited under the one roof brings us all much joy. With the personal care supports in place for Xavier, Jase is able to be the boys’ dad again. It is heartening to see Xavier at home with his family; and to see his mood lift when friends call in for a visit.  We are looking forward to Xavier being able to return to his local school, which will allow him to reconnect with familiar teachers, renew friendships, make new friends and provide much needed mental stimulation. 

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing purchased a home in Echuca and are modifying it for Xavier. Are you all looking forward to moving into a home of your own?

The boys are very happy living in their temporary home and are looking forward to having input towards the modifications required for their DFFH home. 

How did the Summer Foundation and the Hospital to Home program assist Xavier to get out of hospital?

Without the Summer Foundation we believe Xavier may still be in hospital. The inclusive and professional support eventually provided the family Medium Term Accommodation while they await their forever home. The Summer Foundation has the knowledge and resources to liaise with the hospital and other government departments responsible for a patient’s care at home. They advocated for Xavier and his family when he was stuck in hospital and we were unable to navigate the system or be heard by those who should be listening.

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