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RAC Engagement Project ramps up

Over the past 6 months the Summer Foundation has been focused on engaging with residential aged care (RAC) providers to assist them to support NDIS participants in their care.

There are thousands of NDIS participants in RACs across Australia and we know many RAC providers don’t have the information, resources and time to support those people to make informed choices around housing and support. 

Our goal is to work with those RAC providers, and provide them with the support they need, so that we can ultimately connect with the NDIS participants they are caring for, and support them to make informed housing choices.  

We want to connect with the aged care sector, to build their knowledge and skills around supporting young people with disability,” said Alicia Baltra-Ulloa, the Summer Foundation’s RAC Engagement Coordinator. 

This will ultimately enable us to connect with these young people living in RACs and support them to learn about the housing options available to them, so they can make informed decisions, around their housing goals and aspirations.

The RAC engagement team will be attending ACCPA state conferences this year and will be participating at the National Conference in October to connect with as many people as possible from the sector and build awareness and offer support. 

For more information contact the RAC engagement team on:

Phone: 1300 508 945

Email: racengagement@summerfoundation.org.au

Or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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