Media Release: 7-10-15

The Summer Foundation is proud to launch its latest publication, New Housing Options For People with Significant Disability: Design Insights. The report provides insights into design based on our learnings from our housing demonstration projects in Abbotsford, Victoria and the Hunter region of NSW.

The Summer Foundation is developing a small number of innovative housing and support projects to demonstrate a new and more inclusive housing option for people with significant disability.

“Our housing demonstration projects are changing thinking about housing and support for people with disabilities in Australia,” CEO Dr Di Winkler said.

“Our long-term vision is that this model of integrated housing for people with disability is routinely included in all new medium and high-density residential developments throughout Australia.”

The Summer Foundation is committed to widely disseminating this knowledge to encourage other organisations to replicate the model. This will increase the range of housing options available for these young Australians and prevent admission into residential aged care facilities.

It documents the evolving insights about how to design housing to support people with significant disabilities to live in their own apartment with as much independence as possible. Well-located, well-designed accessible and adaptable housing coupled with smart home technology and appropriate support can increase quality of life and independence and has the potential to reduce life-time care costs.

The Summer Foundation acknowledges the support of the Colonial Foundation for providing the funding for the creation of the report.

The full report is available for free download, or in hard copy for $43 plus postage.

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About the Summer Foundation:

The Summer Foundation is Australia’s leading organisation on research regarding young people in nursing homes. The mission of the Summer Foundation is to resolve the issue of young people living in nursing homes in Australia.

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  1. Suzanne / 28/11/2015

    Why don’t they use part of Callan Park for young people who are in Nursing Homes. They could not up those building and have them in lovely surroundings. They could get a lot of help from those who work for the Dole and do something good for a change. Most Nursing Homes are of Third World Standard and not fit for a pig. No gardens or anything. Mike Baird I am certain would do what he can as it belongs to the Government. Get Mike to make it law anyone mistreating any sick young person be charged and gaoled no matter who their contacts are. Young people need to have lovely views.

    • Francesca Trimboli / 04/12/2015

      Thanks Suzanne for your comment. The Summer Foundation is working on a model of housing to provide an alternative option for young people with disability. We are also speaking with different levels of government about how they can support projects likes ours. Appreciate your time to write to us.

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