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Welcome Home: Compliance education for SDA providers

Welcome Home is a package of compliance education resources for registered providers of specialist disability accommodation (SDA). The resources are designed to help providers understand their service obligations under the NDIS Practice Standards for SDA (Module 5) and explore a rights-based approach to service delivery.

The Welcome Home package is designed for registered SDA providers, tenancy managers, executive teams and Board members. The content may also be of interest to SDA tenants or people seeking SDA and their supporters.

The Welcome Home package offers a set of modules, webinars and an Executive Package of resources that provide a comprehensive walk-through of the SDA Practice Standards to support good practice.

Module 1: A rights-based
approach to SDA

Module 1 provides an introduction to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and the role of the SDA provider.

Module 2: Rights & responsibilities

Module 2 looks at the requirements for an SDA provider to uphold the legal rights of a tenant.

Module 3: Conflict of interest

Module 3 looks at the requirements for an SDA provider to uphold a tenant’s right to exercise choice and control over their other NDIS support services.

Module 4: Service agreements

Module 4 looks at service agreements and the requirements for an SDA provider to work with a tenant to develop a contract for their tenancy.

Module 5: Enrolment of SDA Properties

Module 5 looks at the conditions and process for enrolling an SDA dwelling with the NDIS.

Module 6: Tenancy Management

Module 6 looks at the policies and procedures that an SDA provider must establish to guide tenancy management practices.

Executive Package

The Welcome Home Executive Package contains resources that are designed to help executive teams and Board members explore opportunities to progress towards a rights-based approach to service delivery.


The information provided in this education package and accompanying films and podcasts is intended as a guide only. It is not suitable for assessing specific compliance risks for individual SDA providers undergoing a certification audit. It does not constitute formal advice, and does not take into consideration the particular circumstances and needs of your organisation. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information in this education package at the date of publication. The Summer Foundation cannot be held responsible and extends no warranties as to the suitability of the information in this resource package for any particular purpose and for actions taken by third parties.


This publication is copyright. All intellectual property rights vests in the Summer Foundation. Material which is reproduced from this publication must include an acknowledgement of the source. Prior permission should be sought from the Summer Foundation.

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