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Solving the issue of YPIRAC – Pre-Budget Submission (2023)

February 2023

Solving the issue of YPIRAC – Pre-Budget Submission (2023)

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While the number of younger people entering RAC over the past 2 years has decreased, in the last financial year 497 people under 65 entered aged care. The Morrison Government’s YPIRAC initiative did not create the systemic change needed.
Instead of going to RAC, younger people with disability are getting stuck in hospital for months. Younger people at risk of RAC need timely and skilled support to transition out of hospital into age-appropriate housing.

A solution can be found through access to high quality capacity building and support for NDIS participants. There is inadequate support and information provided to NDIS participants to explore options which meet their needs. There is also insufficient demand activation which inhibits the development of housing and support options for YPIRAC and younger people at risk of RAC.

The Summer Foundation has identified 4 initiatives that will address this gap and together will solve the issue of YPIRAC once and for all, described in Summer Foundation’s Pre-Budget Submission here.

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