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Making a training video for support workers

It can be hard to explain to your support worker how you want to be supported. Making a video for your support workers can be a good way of helping them to understand anything you want them to know.

You can make a video about what your worker should know about you, how your support worker can support you to do something, or how your support worker should act with you.

If you haven’t made a video before, you might not know how to start. This page contains links to everything you will need to help you make your video.

Start by watching the ‘How To’ video above and reading the Workbook by clicking on the link below. If you need someone else to help you make your video, there is a Guide written especially for disability professionals.

There are 5 resources to help a person make their training video. Some of these are for the person themselves and some are for other people or organisations:

Making a Training Video for your Support Worker – Workbook

This workbook is for you, your family and friends and shows you the steps to make your training video.

Your Video Plan

Your Video Plan is a form designed to be used with this workbook. It brings all your ideas and planning together. We think you can’t make a video without it!

Helping People Make a Training Video – Guide

This guide is for people who are going to support someone to make their own training video. These people are support coordinators, therapists, case managers or anyone helping you to make your video.

Supporting the Person’s Thinking and Communication

This document gives great ideas for how people can support you to think about your video and to communicate as best you can.

Sample Training Videos

People have told us it’s sometimes hard to imagine what these types of training videos actually look like. It’s really great to see one before you start. You can see sample training videos below:

James’ support worker training video: WATCH VIDEO

Richard’s support worker training video: WATCH VIDEO

Michael’s support worker training video: WATCH VIDEO

Kirby’s support worker training video: WATCH VIDEO

Terry’s support worker training video: WATCH VIDEO

Business Report

The Business Report is for organisations or professionals who want to work out how much it will cost to make these participant led videos (PLV).

Evaluation Report

An evaluation of the Participant led video (PLV) project was conducted by La Trobe University to gain an understanding of the experience and to measure satisfaction from the perspective of all those involved. The findings also help inform further development of the project to underpin its application more broadly.

The development of these resources is supported by a grant offered under the Innovative Workforce Fund, administered by National Disability Services (NDS) with funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The opinions or analysis expressed in the content are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department, the Minister for Social Services or NDS, and cannot be taken in any way as expressions of government policy.
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