In response to feedback from the SDA panel, the Summer Foundation has developed 2 new resources to help support coordinators and allied health professionals prepare an NDIS participant housing statement.

The Participant Housing Statement Template (with accompanying guide) seeks to ensure that the NDIA provides people with funding that reflects their preferred housing option.

People under 65 in residential aged care (YPIRAC), or at risk of admission to RAC, with complex disability support needs, whose disability prevents them from living in a mainstream housing option, may only need to submit a participant housing statement between 2 and 5 pages long.

The participant housing statement with supporting documentation should be submitted to the NDIA. Supporting documentation includes allied health assessments, carer statements, RAC care plans, incident and police reports. We have developed a Participant Housing Statement Template to assist.
Download template

Housing Plan

For all other NDIS participants testing their eligibility for SDA, we recommend submitting a housing plan. See our How to Write a Housing Plan Guide and Template.


Providing extensive evidence to the NDIA supports people’s choice and control and guards against the NDIA funding them to live in a group home.

The decision to supplement allied health reports with a housing plan or a participant housing statement rests with the participant. Consider the circumstances and preferred housing outcome when deciding.