NDIS support coordinators and allied health professionals have a critical role to play in assisting people with complex disability support needs to achieve positive outcomes under the NDIS.

It is support coordinators, working with expert allied health professionals, who assist young people to explore their housing options and find alternatives to aged care, and this workforce will need a significant amount of professional development to do this effectively.

In order for the Summer Foundation to achieve its mission to stop young people being forced into aged care, they must have access to a high-quality support system.

With this in mind, we have launched a flagship program, UpSkill, to build the capacity of the support coordination and private allied health workforce.

Online training

Through UpSkill, the Summer Foundation will facilitate online training for support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals to reduce the number of young people entering aged care. A list of upcoming live webinars is on the side bar of this page or you can check out our full events listing.

For more information about our upcoming UpSkill Regional Victoria live webinars click on relevant links: Mildura Live Webinars, Swan Hill Live Webinars.


Access our training webinars and other resources for support coordinators and allied health professionals – click here to view our resources.

UpSkill Referral Directory

The UpSkill directory will be used by the Summer Foundation to refer young people in aged care (or at risk of entry to aged care) to appropriate support coordinators and expert allied health professionals.

To be part of this referral directory, you should have the relevant skills and experience required to assist young people with high support needs to live in and participate in their communities.

If you would like to be part of our referral directory, please complete this form.

Training modules

UpSkill can support you or your organisation by delivering training. These training opportunities provide support coordination and NDIS allied health professionals with a vital peer networking opportunity as well as access to various resources.

Workshop participants will be invited to join the UpSkill Directory so that the Summer Foundation can refer people with complex disability to skilled support coordinators and allied health professionals.

For more information, please email

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The Summer Foundation appreciates Gandel Philanthropy’s support of our UpSkill program