Group 3

Grayden was 23 years old when he returned home from Florida after completing a degree in Sports Management. He was ranked in the top 10 junior tennis players in Australia and he was excited by what his adult life would bring.

A devastating skateboard accident abruptly changed the course of Grayden’s life. He sustained a traumatic brain injury and went to live in aged care.

“I was sent to a nursing home where I was with people more than twice my age. I would love to meet the doctors who initially saw me and said I would remain a vegetable for life and never be able to talk or walk — if I didn’t die.”

For nearly 3 years, Grayden lived in several nursing homes and he was always the youngest person there. Due to memory loss from his brain injury, Grayden can’t recall these years of his recovery. For this, he is grateful as he understands aged care is not the place for a young person with a life ahead of them.

Today Grayden is living in an apartment on his own and enjoys living in society and being able to interact with his community.

Every young person should be in a place they want to live in with the support to be as independent as possible. Every young person should have this choice.

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