Group 3

Housing prototypes

We know the right housing and support in the right location can increase a person’s quality of life and independence, while reducing life-time care costs.

The Summer Foundation developed 2 housing demonstration projects to challenge thinking around housing for people with disability. The projects, completed in 2013 and 2016, featured apartments peppered throughout larger mainstream residential developments, connecting people to their community.

From the success of these 2 demonstration projects, Summer Housing was born to focus on the replication and scaling of these housing demonstration projects. Now known as Liverty Housing, the pioneering 10+1 model continues to change the thinking around disability housing in Australia.

This model was a move away from institutional or group living arrangements and involves the purchase of 10 apartments within larger residential developments that are modified to maximise the independence of people with disability; with an 11th apartment purchased for 24-hour onsite support staff. This approach aims to improve quality of life, independence, and cost-effectiveness for people with disability.

Visit www.liverty.org.au to find out more and see some of the housing that has been developed as a result of our housing demonstration projects.

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