Group 3

Aaron was working as an electrician, living with friends when he was hit by a train at the age of 24. He sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

Aaron lost the ability to move and speak. He went from hospital to a brain injury rehabilitation unit. Aaron’s family did everything they could to keep him in rehabilitation and out of aged care. After 12 months,  Aaron’s family heard about a new aged care facility in their area with a person interested in working with young people. He was given a place there so at the age of 26, he moved into a nursing home. 

“The age difference was extreme and I was at a different stage of my life. It’s not a good memory. There are still too many young unfortunate souls living in nursing homes. One is too many.”

Aaron questioned the value in his life. He felt worthless. He felt like he’d lost everything important to him. Aaron’s family were fiercely advocating for him to leave aged care. They never thought it would take as long as it did. 

After 8 years, Aaron moved into this supported independent living unit and everything changed. His life is busy and social. He describes the freedom he now has as unbelievable.

“Young people shouldn’t be in a nursing home. It’s a wasted life. I wasted 8 years and achieved nothing. It was brutal and so unfair.”

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