Enabling young people in nursing homes and their families to tell their stories and distributing these stories is a powerful and effective tool for influencing the general public, decision makers and politicians.

We have strong relationships with a broad group of people with disability and families who are willing to tell their stories in order to effect change.

These stories combined with the publication of research, provide an effective hook for media coverage. Politicians and decision makers are heavily influenced by stories in the media. Media coverage forces government to pay attention to our target group and allocate resources.

Personal stories enable people with disability and families to actively participate in the political process. We support people with disability and families to influence government by:

  • Providing toolkits to assist writing letters to politicians and making submissions to inquiries
  • Conducting workshops to produce letters to politicians prior to elections and submissions to inquiries
  • Supporting people with disability to meet politicians and make presentations to government officials

Tell Your Story Program

The Tell Your Story Program enables young people with disability who have a personal connection to the issue of young people living in nursing homes to capture their story in a way that can be shared with the broader community.

These stories demonstrate the courage and determination of young people to make a difference in the lives of others.

View our collection of digital stories.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program continues to grow and exceed our expectations. Our Ambassadors have first-hand experience of living in a nursing home, or were at risk of entering one. Ambassadors are gaining much more exposure and experience in publicly presenting their stories. This has resulted in a growth in their confidence and deeper integration into community roles.

Our Ambassadors work in a variety of ways to advocate for young people with disability who are at risk of entering nursing homes. They add their voice through media coverage, attending public speaking events, meeting with influential people and working alongside Summer Foundation staff to raise awareness of the issue.

Find out more about our ambassadors.


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