The Summer Foundation housing demonstration projects provide concrete examples of alternatives for young people living in nursing homes. We are establishing our housing model’s efficacy and sharing the knowledge generated by these projects with other organisations and government to move this work from pilots to policy change. 

We currently have two demonstration projects that showcase best practice design to challenge thinking around housing for people with disability. Our projects are peppered throughout larger mainstream residential developments connecting people to their community. Clever communications and smart home technology ensure residents can enjoy their independence and privacy while still having access to 24 hour on-call support.

Our latest project is in the Hunter region in New South Wales. Find out more about this project and check out our virtual tour of our display apartment here.

Each apartment is a real-world example of how the right housing in the right location can increase a person’s quality of life and independence, while reducing life time care costs.

Our first housing demonstration project was established in 2013 in collaboration with Common Equity Housing Ltd, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) / Residential Independence Pty Ltd (RIPL) and annecto in inner-Melbourne. This project has six fully accessible self-contained one-bedroom apartments for people with disability, peppered throughout a 59-unit mixed private and social housing development. You can view the stories of two of our tenants here.


What will success look like? 

  • Tenant outcomes: empirical data will show improved quality of life, social inclusion, increased independence, decreased reliance on paid supports and reduced life time care costs 
  • Replication: through the transfer of knowledge, others in the sector across Australia will replicate this model for both young people in nursing homes and other people with disability 
  • Social finance: we will demonstrate a successful model of social investment for housing for people with disability that is replicable and scalable 

Resources and Knowledge Translation

The Summer Foundation has released reports documenting the knowledge generated by our projects:

Copies of the reports are available to download for free, or you can use the order forms to receive a hardcopy. 

Our long-term vision is that this model of integrated housing for people with disability, which is accessible and well located, is routinely included in all new medium and high-density residential developments throughout Australia. 

This would create the scale and range of housing options needed for both young people in nursing homes and other people with disability who have potential for more independent living.

For further information on our housing demonstration projects please contact housinginfo@summerfoundation.org.au. Download a pdf version of this page here.


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