YPIRAC: Support needs, preferences and future directions

Approximately 221 people under 50 years live in residential aged care (RAC) in Victoria (Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging, 2006). At its February 2006 meeting, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that the Australian Government, states and territories would, from July 2006, work together to reduce the number of younger people with disabilities in RAC. Governments jointly established and funded a five-year program, providing $244 million, with the initial priority being people aged less than 50 years. The Victorian initiative, my future my choice aims to provide better living options for younger people in, or at risk of entry to, RAC.

As part of the my future my choice initiative in Victoria, people less than 50 years of age living in RAC were offered an individualised planning and assessment process to assist them and their family or key others to consider their specific healthcare and accommodation needs, aspirations and other important lifestyle factors. It provided an opportunity to explore options and consider models of care to best meet each individual’s needs and preferences.

Eight organisations were engaged to undertake individual planning and assessment across Victoria. The Summer Foundation Ltd was engaged by the Department of Human Services to:

  • develop a planning and assessment framework
  • train the planners from the eight organisations
  • support the planners during the planning and assessment process
  • aggregate the data obtained from all of the assessments and plans.

Approximately 140 people consented to meet with planners to discuss their participation in the my future my choice planning and assessment process. Of these, approximately 126 underwent an assessment of their support needs and had an individual plan developed.

This report details the findings from the first 105 people who had individual plans and assessments completed between February and August 2007 as part of the my future my choice initiative.