Young People in Residential Aged Care (2017 – 2018) – A Snapshot

Promoting better understanding of the characteristics, support needs and geographical distribution of young people in aged care is the objective of a new Summer Foundation report.

Young People in Residential Aged Care (2017-2018) A Snapshot aims to provide this critical information to organisations and government bodies that are working to create the systems change needed to resolve the issue of young people in aged care.

The report analysed the 2017-2018 administrative data available for aged care in Australia. It found that across Australia there were 6,048 people aged under 65 living in permanent aged care as at 30 June 2018, accounting for 3.3% of all permanent aged care residents.

In 2017-2018, approximately 50 young Australians entered permanent aged care each week, with 5 of them aged 50 or under. Of the 1,853 young people who exited aged care approximately 1 in 10 returned to family or home, while more than half died.

The report is designed as a reference that can be read sequentially, or read in sections based on specific areas of interest. Section 2, the National Snapshot, provides a comprehensive overview of the characteristics and geographic distribution of young people in the aged care system. This section provides data for the whole of Australia, as well as breakdowns by state and territory.

Section 3 is an Indigenous Persons Snapshot, which provides a comparison between young people in aged care who identified as Indigenous and young people in aged care who did not identify as Indigenous. This section should be considered within the context of Section 2.

Sections 4-11 are State Snapshots of each of the Australian states and territories, which are designed for readers looking for quick data specific to a jurisdiction. In these sections, comparisons are made to the national averages that are described in the national snapshot; however, these sections do not contain every possible piece of data for that state or territory. Each State Snapshot contains data on permanent residents in RAC, admissions to RAC and leaving RAC.