Social Finance Think Tank Report

The Summer Foundation is pleased to launch its latest publication, Housing for Young People in Nursing Homes: A Report from a Social Finance Think Tank.

Social investment provides a different approach to solving social challenges by using private capital for public good.

The aim of the Social Finance Think Tank was to explore the development of a model of social finance for the Summer Foundation’s Housing Demonstration Projects for young people in nursing homes. The Think Tank also explored the development of replicable and scalable models beyond financing this initial project that have the potential to develop the scale of housing required to solve the issue of young people in nursing homes in Australia.

The report highlights a range of strategies that were identified by the Think Tank that can be used in future projects to bridge the gap between the rental income stream provided by people on a disability support pension, and the cost of apartments that are well located and designed and incorporate communications and smart-home technology.

The Summer Foundation would like to thank the members of the Social Finance Think Tank, JB Were and Macquarie Group for their input and support.

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