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NDIS readiness – a toolkit for hospitals

For people with disabilities who have complex health and support needs, the experience of being in hospital and the transition out of hospital can be particularly challenging. The risks for the person and their family are high. Getting the support they need, when they need it, requires know-how and collaboration from everyone around them. In particular, they need two large systems – the health system and the NDIS – to be working effectively together.

Health Practitioners are crucial in this, and they need resources that are specific to working with this group of patients.

With funding from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the Summer Foundation has developed tailored resources for health practitioners. These resources cover the entire hospital journey for people with disabilities, from admission to discharge back into the community:

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Getting the Language Right

How to write effective support documentation for people with disabilities and complex health and support needs seeking access to the NDIS.

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NDIS and Health: Working together

A guide for health practitioners and NDIS staff supporting people in their journey from hospital admission, to discharge and safe and supported transition back into community life.

Getting ready for NDIS planning

A toolkit for people with disabilities whose health status calls for specific recognition and tailored support, and who need this to be visible and documented in their NDIS Plans. This toolkit assists them to identify, explore and be ready to include their specific health issues and health risks in their NDIS Plans.

1. Disability and health supports and how the NDIS defines them

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