Audit of accessible features in new build house plans

In October 2017, the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) proposed to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) that a national assessment be undertaken to consider applying a minimum accessibility standard for private dwellings in Australia through the National Construction Code (NCC). This was subsequently agreed by COAG. In September 2018, the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) released an Options Paper, which set out a preliminary menu of options and sought broader community and industry input (ABCB, 2018). The ABCB is undertaking a Regulation Impact Assessment (RIA) of options for minimum accessibility standards for housing for potential inclusion in the 2022 NCC (ABCB, 2020).

Aim of this study

  1. Test the hypothesis that some accessibility features are already incorporated into the most popular house designs being built in Australia, but not in a systematic way that makes all new builds accessible
  2. Demonstrate that accessibility features are basic elements of good house design for the general population, and not the features commonly seen in public accessible toilets and institutions
  3. Indicate the likely cost of including accessibility features in new builds

Version 1.1 Updated February 2021.