Accessible Housing – standards report

People with significant disabilities have limited suitable housing options. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides impetus to rethink past approaches and to examine new options to support people with significant disabilities to live with greater independence and to have more choice and control over their lives.

The Summer Foundation and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have been developing innovative housing and support models to demonstrate new living options for people with significant disabilities. These projects deliver accessible and adaptable design in conjunction with innovative approaches to support and the use of assistive technology to allow people with significant disabilities to live with greater independence.

Much has been learnt in delivering these projects. Our learnings verify that there is currently no one particular design standard which will deliver the design outcomes that are required for people with significant disability.

This report highlights that there is a significant gap in the availability of accessible residential design requirements. It supports the need to consider development in Australia of an appropriate design framework to assist the housing sector in delivering suitable housing for people with significant disability. This is particularly important to support people to exercise choices for more independent living.

The Summer Foundation appreciates your feedback on this report.

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