Rapid Interim Housing

A lack of accessible housing at the right time and in the right area can leave people with a newly acquired disability stuck in hospital, rehab or result in them being admitted to aged care. Our Rapid Interim Housing addresses the gap between leaving hospital or rehab and finding appropriate permanent housing.

People with acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury are often unable to find suitable housing in the community due to their accessibility and support needs. By not returning to the community as soon as possible after an injury, a person’s health and wellbeing is negatively impacted. Their ability to live independently declines quickly, their connections within the community drop away and their mental health often suffers.

Working with Oscar Building and Stretchy Tech, the Summer Foundation prototyped and displayed an interim housing unit that can be rapidly located to provide housing for someone who is waiting for accessible housing or for home modifications to be completed.

The prototype looks just like any other small house – it has a living area, bedroom and ensuite, kitchenette and laundry. Assistive technology increases the occupant’s independence, safety and security. More than 800 people visited the prototype when it was displayed in Melbourne and Geelong in July and August 2019.

With philanthropic support and funding from the Transport Accident Commission, through this project, the Summer Foundation worked to generate a long-lasting impact on the way people with disability are discharged from hospital and into the community.

The Summer Foundation is looking for community housing organisations and others with expertise and capital to scale this prototype and make it a reality. We are looking to these organisations to work with local councils and other agencies to explore innovative ways we can harness available space and already established health services to provide a housing solution for people with disability while they wait for permanent housing.

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Inside of the Rapid Housing Unit

What people are saying about our prototype

A timelapse of the prototype installation

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