• Chris’s story

    Chris shares his journey from hospital to his new home and the value of having good support around you.

  • Penny’s story

    After a hospital stay and her husband no longer her carer, Penny was unable to return home.

  • Helen’s story

    Helen lives in a nursing home and was a speaker at our Annual Public Forum "How long is too long?" in October 2019.

  • Lisa’s story

    Lisa has lived in a nursing home for about 6 years. Lisa shares how it feels to be preparing to move into an SDA apartment.

  • Matthew’s story

    Life can change in an instant. Matthew talks about his journey back into a new life in the community.

  • Bevan’s story

    Kim's story about her son Bevan and their journey form hospital to home.

  • Masoud’s story

    The story of the strong bond between brothers. Edris' main goal for his brother, Masoud, is for him to move out of aged care.

  • Karen’s story

    Karen loves spending time with friends and family, but socialising is complicated when you now live an hour and a half away.

  • Kirsty’s story

    Kirsty is an artist, designer and performer. In 2002, Kirsty was diagnosed with MS.

  • Michael’s story

    Michael hopes that his story will help others trying to get the right supports to live with their disability.

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