• Sam’S STORY

    Sam shares the journey from a group home to living independently with support in an SDA apartment.

  • Liz’s story

    Liz shares through a poem her journey into her new SDA apartment.

  • Keith’s story

    Property Developer, Keith Fagg, talks about his motivation for building specialist disability accommodation (SDA).

  • Shanais’ story

    Shanais describes how life changing it is to be living independently in an accessible apartment in Melbourne.

  • Trevor’s story

    Trevor's life has changed since he chose to live independently with support in an SDA apartment.

  • Kirby’s story

    Kirby was able to move out of a nursing home with NDIS funding for equipment and health support.

  • Michelle’s story

    At the age of 19, Michelle spent nearly two years in a nursing home. This is Michelle's journey to once again living independently.

  • Amy’s story

    Amy describes moving into her new supported accommodation as the biggest life-changing event since the onset of her disability.

  • Shane’s story

    Shane’s new apartment has enabled him to reconnect with his children.

  • Cheryl and Gary’s story

    Accommodation for Ben was about independence; for his parents, it was about who would look after their son in the future.

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