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This page contains resources for support coordinators and allied health professionals working with people with disability.

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October 2022

Completing a Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form in relation to a person requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

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If an NDIS participant has a home and living goal, they need to complete an NDIA Home and Living Supports Request Form. This resource provides tips for support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals who are completing a form in relation to a person requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

May 2022

Moving to a new home checklist

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This checklist is written from the perspective of a person with a disability who is wanting to move to a new home. We know moving is a big task. There are many things to do, and many people may be involved in assisting a person with disability to move to a new home. This form might be completed by the person with disability and/or a trusted person such as a family member or support coordinator


Support coordinators and allied health professionals can learn more about supporting someone to move into a new home by attending our UpSkill workshop on this topic.

March 2022

Collaborative Support Approach: Working together to help young people leave aged care 

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The Collaborative Support Approach Tool outlines the cooperation between Residential Aged Care staff, Support Coordinators, Allied Health Professionals and other stakeholders, working together to assist a younger person leave aged care.


This tool details the tasks and responsibilities – the “who does what” when assisting a younger person to leave RAC and live in the community.


This resource will be useful to RAC, NDIS providers and other stakeholders working at this interface.

October 2021

Good practice guide

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This guide has been written for support coordinators and specialist support coordinators who are working with people with complex needs. Throughout this guide we refer to the support coordinators’ role.

Participants with complex support needs usually require a more focused and skilled approach to connecting and coordinating supports and building capacity. This resource has been developed to provide practice guidance to support coordinators for purposeful and meaningful impact whereby participants with complex support needs have the opportunity to enjoy their rights and responsibilities as full and contributing citizens.

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