Developing an NDIS plan

For NDIS participants, it can be overwhelming to think about all the services and supports you may need in a day, week, month or in 12 months time. It can also be difficult to understand how much NDIS funding you need to achieve your goals.

The Summer Foundation has developed sample NDIS plans to share with younger people aged under 65 who are living in, or at risk of entering, residential aged care (RAC) and their families, supporters, guardians or nominees.

These sample plans are to give you a place to start. We have also developed other tools that can help you develop your own plan once you have a better idea of how NDIS plans work.

This guide includes 5 sample plans for people in differing circumstances with examples of how the NDIS can support participants to exercise choice and control to lead an ordinary life:

Sample NDIS Plan A: Working towards leaving RAC to live in the community with appropriate supports from the NDIS

Sample NDIS Plan B: Supporting a younger person to move out of RAC into specialist disability accommodation (SDA)

Sample NDIS Plan C (Year 1): Supporting a younger person with disability and complex support needs to live in SDA in the community

Sample NDIS Plan D (Year 2): This plan shows the following year of supports for a younger person with disability and complex support needs to give an idea of what supports and funding a person might need living in SDA in the community

Sample NDIS Plan E: Living a more fulfilled life in RAC

How are these sample plans developed?

The sample NDIS plans have been developed by the Summer Foundation and are based on our experience of working with young people at risk of living in aged care, or who have left RAC to live in the community.

The plans reflect the type of funding that young people have received and provide examples of the types of funding young people may need to achieve their goals.

Everyone is different and each NDIS participant needs their own individualised plan. These sample plans are not a one-size-fits-all approach but are examples to help you with your own plan.