Accessing the NDIS

The rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the single biggest opportunity to stop young Australians with disability going into aged care. And for younger people already living in aged care, it may provide a pathway back to living in the community.

Unfortunately, connecting to the NDIS and getting good outcomes is proving a real challenge for many people, so the Summer Foundation is working in a number of ways to make the process of connecting easier for young people in nursing homes and those at risk of entering one.

In 2014, the Summer Foundation began a 3-year ‘NDIS Connections’ project in the NDIS trial sites; finding young people in aged care and providing one-on-one assistance to help them connect to the NDIS. The knowledge gained through this action research project was invaluable in developing information resources and an evidence base for policy change.

Our work to connect young people in aged care to the NDIS continues. The Summer Foundation is currently:

  • Working with government and the National Disability Insurance Agency to streamline the NDIS connection process and prioritise the connection of young people in aged care.
  • Creating and sharing a suite of NDIS information resources.
  • Enabling aged care staff, advocates and family members to effectively support young people in nursing homes as they connect to the NDIS – providing them with resources, consultation, mentoring and training about the NDIS connection process.

Our Practice Guide details how to support young people in aged care to connect to the NDIS. The following diagram from the Guide shows the steps that a person may need to take to access the full benefits of the Scheme.


The above diagram is available for download here.

The NDIS will provide personalised support and funding to eligible participants. But participants may also need support to connect, prepare, plan and then implement their plan. As most young people living in aged care facilities will be eligible for the Scheme, our goal is to ensure they can access the full benefits of the Scheme to increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

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