Join the UpSkill Directory

We are piloting an UpSkill Directory to be used by the Summer Foundation to refer young people in aged care (or at risk of entry to aged care) to NDIS support coordinators and expert allied health professionals.

To be part of this directory, you should have completed UpSkill training and have the relevant skills and experience required to assist young people with high support needs to live in and participate in their communities.

We do not accept listings for whole organisations and/or businesses. Given that people’s skills vary greatly within teams, we ask support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals who have completed UpSkill training to complete an individual profile. You are able to provide organisational contact details, but your profile entry should be based on your individual experience and skills.

If you would like to be considered for our UpSkill Directory, please complete this form.

On completion, we will have your details on record and may informally refer people to you when they contact the Summer Foundation looking for support coordination and allied health professionals in their area.

A one-page profile will be generated based on your form, and may be distributed to inquirers. You will receive a copy of this profile within two weeks of completing the form. The profile will include the information from the form you complete.
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