Professor Jacinta Douglas


Professor Jacinta Douglas

Independent Non-Executive Director

B App Sc (Sp Path), M Sc (Psych), PhD (Psych)

Professor Douglas is the Summer Foundation Chair of Living Well with Brain Injury at La Trobe University in the Living with Disability Research Centre. Jacinta’s qualifications span the disciplines of speech pathology, clinical psychology and neuropsychology. She has extensive research and clinical experience in the rehabilitation of adults with acquired brain injury (ABI). Her research contribution is internationally recognised and has advanced knowledge in the domains of interpersonal communication and psychosocial functioning following brain injury. Her work in these areas focuses on maximising the ability of people with brain injury to participate fully in society across all levels of functioning.

In March 2014, a new $3million dollar partnership between La Trobe University and the Summer Foundation was announced. This research program is being led by Jacinta, and will measure the outcomes of interventions related to the lifetime support of people with ABI and neurological conditions such as MS and Huntington’s Disease.

Jacinta is a Fellow of the Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment and the Speech Pathology Association of Australia and is founding co-editor of the multidisciplinary journal Brain Impairment.

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