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Support for Decision-Making

With support for decision making now on the NDIA’s agenda, Linda Hughes writes that we can expect to hear more about people with disability having greater opportunity to be supported to make decisions about their own life.
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UpSkill Q+A with Emma Gee

Summer Foundation Projects Support Officer Helen Jeisman chats with one of the organisation’s Lived Experience advisors and curators, Emma Gee, about the Staying Connected page – a platform where people with lived experience can connect and contribute to the work of the Summer Foundation.
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ILO and Safeguards

In this month’s blog, Linda shares insights into why safeguards for people entering into an ILO arrangement are so important.
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Individualised Living Options (ILOs)

For UpSkill Lead, Linda Hughes, spending time with other people with disability and their families taught her how to see things outside the box. This experience has prepared her to help support coordinators to make the most of Individualised Living Options (ILOs) …
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UpSkill Q+A with Linda Hughes

Summer Foundation Projects Support Officer Helen Jeisman chats with our UpSkill Lead Linda Hughes about her experiences and advice to support coordinators.
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