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UpSkill Community of Practice


UpSkill is a Summer Foundation program that offers professional development to NDIS support coordinators and allied health professionals who work alongside people with disabilities and complex needs to live well in the community.

The UpSkill Community of Practice (CoP) for NDIS support coordinators and allied health professionals provides a platform to showcase best practice for working with people with high and complex support needs.

Who is the Community of Practice for?

  • NDIS support coordinators
  • NDIS allied health professionals

What are the benefits of this Community of Practice?

  • Development of a peer network
  • Timely access to information from the Summer Foundation and your peers
  • Mutual engagement to share learnings and generate new knowledge
  • Curation of best practice approaches to resolve the issue of younger people being forced into aged care

What do we want the Community of Practice to achieve?

The primary aim of this CoP is to ‘think together’ to create positive outcomes for people with complex disability. The UpSkill CoP also aims to:

  • Identify best practice in support coordination and allied health, which improves participant outcomes
  • Document improvements in participant outcomes
  • Serve as an advocacy tool for positive systemic change
  • Inspire each other to think innovatively, share ideas and practices

What does your committment as a CoP member look like?

We appreciate that you work in an extremely time-poor environment. We encourage members to make a time commitment of at least 1 hour each week, or 15 minutes a day to catch up and engage in discussions. You will be encouraged to:

  • Engage and contribute via our Slack community to share ideas and real-time solutions to current barriers and challenges
  • Contribute to developing evidence of best practice discharge
  • Deepen your practice and skills base through coaching others regarding their challenges

What are the Community of Practice guidelines?

As a CoP member you will be required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Attentive listening
  • Appreciation and no put downs
  • Mutual respect
  • The right to pass

What is the Community of Practice’s mission statement?

To facilitate a national platform for education and information for those working to empower people with high and complex disability support needs.

How to join

Anyone can join the UpSkill Community of Practice by filling out the form below. Once you complete this form, you will be added to the CoP which is hosted on an application called Slack. 

The Summer Foundation also facilitates a separate ‘Leaving Hospital Well’ Community of Practice for health professionals including allied health clinicians, nurses and NDIS leads working in the hospital discharge space. For more information, email: training@summerfoundation.org.au.

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