Housing – Policy

Many people with disability are living in residential aged care because there is a chronic shortage of accessible and affordable housing available to them, particularly for people with complex support needs.

There is a critical need for new housing options that are close to shops, services and public transport, both for ease of access and also because a disproportionate number of people with disability are on low incomes. But well-located housing is often unaffordable or not designed for people with mobility impairments.

The Summer Foundation advocates for policy solutions that will increase accessible and affordable housing options and reduce the number of young people being forced to live in residential aged care.

Solution 1: Amend the National Construction Code to require all new housing to be built according to Livable Housing Australia (LHA) Gold standard

Solution 2: Develop an appropriate design framework to meet the specific housing needs of people with high physical support needs

Solution 3: Increase investment in accessible and affordable housing and implement policy that will enable more people with disabilities to access housing

Solution 4: Support SDA market readiness

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