Housing Brokerage Service


Our Housing Brokerage Service will help people with disability with high and complex support needs when discharging from hospital by searching for housing that aligns with a person’s housing needs and preferences.

It is also available for those who have been discharge urgently from hospital to an interim option or to unsuitable housing, as identified through the Summer Foundation’s Discharge Follow Up Service.

The Housing Brokerage Service will mentor and support the relevant hospital staff and support coordinator who form a person’s ‘team’ while they are in hospital.

The approach will also incorporate rights, choice, control and inclusion at the forefront of urgent housing solutions to ensure people with disability are not placed at further risk due to the current COVID-19 emergency.

We will be offering a secondary consultancy Housing Brokerage Service to support a person’s hospital staff and support coordinator to:

  • Explore and document a person’s housing needs and preferences, including support needs
  • Facilitate a person to navigate the relevant housing supports provided through the NDIS
  • Search for and identify housing vacancies (both long-term and interim) that align with a person’s housing needs and preferences
  • Use due diligence questions that relate to rights, choice, control and inclusion as a quality and safeguard measure when considering a housing option
  • Obtain quality information about housing vacancies on behalf of the person and their ‘team’
  • Screen for likelihood of eligibility of a person for SDA funding and write quality evidence for the consideration of SDA determination
  • Connect people with disability with housing providers, and facilitate offers for housing

This is a Summer Foundation pilot initiative, currently running until the end of September.

A dedicated project team is working to further develop plans for this project. More information will be provided on this page as plans progress.

Download a flyer about the Housing Brokerage Service

For more information, please contact Helen on housingbrokerage@summerfoundation.org.au