Housing Brokerage Service


The Summer Foundation established the Housing Brokerage Service as a COVID response pilot project in April 2020. The service was established to support the discharge of people with disability from hospital to housing that aligns with their housing needs and preferences.

The service team uses a secondary consultancy approach to support and build the capacity of key professionals working alongside people with disability who are stuck in hospital and require suitable housing.

The service works to identify housing options that align with a person’s housing needs and preferences through an innovative housing search. The approach is rights based and incorporates principles of choice, control and inclusion for people with disability.

How does the Housing Brokerage Service work?

The Housing Brokerage Service provides support by:

1. Facilitating an online case conference.

Facilitating a discussion with the patient’s health team, their support coordinator, formal Guardian (if appointed), and other relevant stakeholders.

OUTCOME: A clear articulation of the person’s housing needs and preferences and their support needs

OUTCOME: A Tenant Summary Profile, which can be used in a search for housing

OUTCOME: A greater understanding about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) eligibility criteria and written evidence

OUTCOME: An evidence base about the gaps in the service system to inform the development of new interim and long-term housing options

2. Searching for housing.

Completing an innovative housing search for potential interim and/or long-term housing options, based on the person’s housing needs and preferences.

OUTCOME: A range of quality housing options and information presented back to the person’s team

OUTCOME: Health team supports the patient/Guardian to choose a housing option aligned with their housing needs and preferences

Making a referral

The Housing Brokerage Service has reached capacity and all new referrals are being placed on a wait list.   We encourage you to still make a referral to the service during this period if the person meets eligibility (see below).  This will give us a good picture of the demand for our service and also means as soon as we have space, we will start working with the next person on our wait list.

Who is eligible for the service?

The eligibility criteria is listed below, however we realise that sometimes life isn’t that simple, and we encourage you to contact us directly on housingbrokerage@summerfoundation.org.au or 1300 817 794 if you have any questions or exceptions.  

  1. The person is an NDIS participant or likely to be eligible for the NDIS, and
  2. The person is in hospital or has been very recently discharged (i.e. during COVID) from hospital to unsuitable housing, and
  3. A search for housing has been completed by those formally supporting the person (i.e. health team, support coordinator) to the best of their abilities and no suitable housing options have been found

Who can make a referral?

The person themselves or anyone who is supporting an NDIS participant who is in hospital with no post-discharge housing identified. This includes hospital staff, hospital liaison officers (HLOs), NDIS support coordinators, legally-appointed guardians, NDIA planners and LACs.

How do I submit a referral? 

All referrals can be made using this online form. All referrals need to be made with consent, and the referrer will need to ensure the patient or their legally appointed decision-maker provides consent at the beginning of the form. 

If you need a PDF version of a referral form, please email us directly at: housingbrokerage@summerfoundation.org.au

After submitting a referral form, you will be contacted by someone from the team with information for next steps.

For more detailed information about the Housing Brokerage Service, please download the Housing Brokerage Service flyer. For any queries, please contact Eve at housingbrokerage@summerfoundation.org.au.