Competitive Research Grants

The Summer Foundation is calling for expressions of interest from prospective research partners. The total amount that will be dispersed via research grants through this program is $1 million

The Issue
We are working to resolve the issue of younger people with disability living in aged care.
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Our research agenda

The work of the Summer Foundation is underpinned by research, and we have a large research agenda over the next five years. The Summer Foundation needs high quality research across the aged care, disability, housing, hospitals and primary and community health systems.

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Research partners needed

The Summer Foundation does not have the resources, expertise or capacity to deliver this research alone. We are seeking two distinct types of research partners:

1. Early career researchers or potential PhD students affiliated with a university that wish to work with the Summer Foundation to progress research in one of our priority research areas

2. Research institutes, universities, government bodies and/or private organisations with research proposals that address any of the listed research questions. We are looking to complete a range of projects with a range of partners in order to identify potential long term partnerships for large strategic research programs.

Expressions of interest are open from 8 August to 21 September 2018

The Summer Foundation is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from both individuals and research teams interested in partnering with the Summer Foundation to deliver this research, starting in 2019.

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Expressions of interest

Expressions of interest (EOI) are invited that specifically address research topics that are critical to the implementation of the Summer Foundation 2018-2021 Strategic Plan

Find out more about the current internal research projects already underway here.

Download a copy of the Research topics that are the focus of the EOI process for external researchers.

Download the EOI instructions and forms below.

Expression of interest Application Instructions


Expression of interest form
for Individuals


Expression of interest form
for Institutions


Keep in touch

The Summer Foundation research unit sends out email notifications to interested researchers, institutions and organisations. You can add yourself or your organisation to the Summer Foundation research unit’s email distribution list to be notified of future EOIs and other research activities.