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Access issues

I cannot remember my login details

If you are not able to remember your password you can use the password reset function.

You will need to enter the email/username you used to register.

A password reset email will be sent to you.

This email may not go direct to your inbox. Please check your spam/junk folders or any other filtered folders.

If you have not received the password reset email or the link in the email does not work, please contact us using the form below.

General queries

Do I have to pay to download course material?

No. All Welcome Home modules and resources are free and are available for download in the Resource Hub.

Do I have to complete the modules in a particular order?

No. Welcome Home is designed for self-paced learning and you are free to access each of the modules and resources in any order and at your own pace.

If you wish to register to participate in a Welcome Home webinar, you must first complete Modules 1 and 2.

How can I track my progress through the course and what happens when I complete the course?

As you work through the material in the Welcome Home package, you can follow your progress using the progress bar at the top of each page.

You will always receive a confirmation message when you complete a training module.

If you complete Modules 1– 6, you will receive a Certificate of Completion emailed to your registration email address.

Contact Us

If you are unable to reset the password or have any other problems accessing the Welcome Home education package, you can contact us using the details below.