Past Events

  • Breakfast Club 2017 – Lecture Three

    2017-08-09 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    Fatigue and sleep disturbance represent two of the most common symptoms after acquired brain injury, and cause significant difficulties with activity participation and quality of life.


    2017-05-10 08:00Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    The Summer Foundation is proud to announce the Breakfast Club 2017 Professional Development Lecture series on brain injury rehabilitation. These lectures, originally established by the Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association (VBIRA), provide information about up-to-date research and clinical practice....

  • Breakfast Club 2017 – Lecture Two

    2017-05-10 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    Katie and Amy have been treating concussion patients for over four years. Using their clinical experience as a base, they will discuss how they developed a concussion assessment that includes all the possible anatomical and physiologic substrates that can...

  • Breakfast Club 2017 – Lecture One [Booked Out]

    2017-03-08 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    Behaviours of Concern (BoC) such as aggression are a debilitating and distressing consequence of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Through their research, Kate and Amelia explored the lived experience of BoC and treatment history in individuals with TBI, and their...

  • Health Support Needs Workshop

    2017-03-01 11:00Summer Foundation, 991 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

    A workshop exploring the health support needs of young people with disability and complex care needs to support community living.

  • Allen Martin Memorial Lecture 2016

    2016-11-23 18:00Kew Golf Club, 120 Belford Road, East Kew, 3102

    The Summer Foundation is pleased to present the Allen Martin Memorial Lecture sponsored by The Rotary Club of Kew.

  • Workshop for Clinical Prescribers of Electronic Assistive Technology

    2016-11-22 09:30Monash Conference Centre, 30 Collins St, Melbourne

    The Monash University Occupational Therapy Department, in conjunction with the Summer Foundation, is hosting a workshop for health professionals who prescribe electronic assistive technology (E.A.T.) to people with disability.

  • Upstream Challenge 2016

    2016-11-05 07:00Gosch’s Paddock, Olympic Bvd, Melbourne

    The Upstream Challenge is a 50 or 20km walk from Melbourne to Donvale along the picturesque Yarra River and Mullum Mullum trails.

  • Annual Public Forum 2016

    2016-10-20 12:00The Arena at NAB, 700 Bourke St, Docklands

    This year's annual public forum discussed some of the issues and opportunities surrounding the NDIS. Watch the form again here.

  • The NDIS: Questions and Concerns Workshop

    2016-10-20 10:30NAB Village, Ground Floor, 700 Bourke St, Melb

    A workshop for consumers and family carers about the NDIS to explore questions and concerns.