Past Events

  • Workshop for Clinical Prescribers of Electronic Assistive Technology

    2016-11-22 09:30Monash Conference Centre, 30 Collins St, Melbourne

    The Monash University Occupational Therapy Department, in conjunction with the Summer Foundation, is hosting a workshop for health professionals who prescribe electronic assistive technology (E.A.T.) to people with disability.

  • Upstream Challenge 2016

    2016-11-05 07:00Gosch’s Paddock, Olympic Bvd, Melbourne

    The Upstream Challenge is a 50 or 20km walk from Melbourne to Donvale along the picturesque Yarra River and Mullum Mullum trails.

  • Annual Public Forum 2016

    2016-10-20 12:00The Arena at NAB, 700 Bourke St, Docklands

    This year's annual public forum discussed some of the issues and opportunities surrounding the NDIS. Watch the form again here.

  • The NDIS: Questions and Concerns Workshop

    2016-10-20 10:30NAB Village, Ground Floor, 700 Bourke St, Melb

    A workshop for consumers and family carers about the NDIS to explore questions and concerns.

  • The Marketisation of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the NDIS

    2016-10-10 09:00The Hall, St. Michaels, 120 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC

    Keynote presentation by Luke Bo’sher, Summer Foundation’s Head of Policy & Strategy

  • Breakfast Club 2016 – Lecture 4

    2016-09-21 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    This presentation will discuss associated reactions (ARs) of the arm and the impact these involuntary arm movements have on people with acquired brain injury. The many negative effects of ARs will be explored looking at both the physical and...

  • Breakfast Club Lecture Series 2016

    2016-09-21 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    The Summer Foundation is proud to announce the Breakfast Club 2016 Professional Development Lecture series on brain injury rehabilitation. These lectures, originally established by the Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association (VBIRA), provide information about up-to-date research and clinical practice....

  • Summer In Winter 2016

    2016-08-12 12:30Zinc @ Fedsquare, Russell St, Melbourne VIC

    Summer in Winter is the Summer Foundation’s annual business luncheon. The event aims to raise awareness of the issue of young people in nursing homes amongst the business community, political circles, philanthropists and media, and to raise funds.


    2016-07-20 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    Topic: Holding Resilience in Trust – Working Systemically with Families post ABI. Presented by Franca Butera-Prinzi, ABI Team Leader
, The Bouverie Centre.

  • Breakfast Club 2016 – Lecture 1

    2016-03-16 07:30Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

    The presentation discussed the potential effects of impairment following traumatic brain injury on driving and the occupational therapy driver assessment procedure. Roles and responsibilities of the treating health professionals and the driver licensing authority were detailed including an explanation...