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Supporting someone to move into a new home


This event is for support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals: Learn about how to support someone to move, including how to build skills and how to facilitate making community connections in new neighbourhoods.

This UpSkill workshop, brought to you by the Summer Foundation, takes a systematic approach to moving, including supporting people to build their skills, making community connections in their new neighbourhood.

This is an interactive workshop and there will be practical exercises, group discussion and opportunity for questions and answers.


For many people we support, moving to a new home is more than a roof over their head. It is a new start and an opportunity to start living a good life. having choice and control, and being active in the community.

Why you should attend:

There is a lot to think about and remember when you are assisting a person to move into their own home. Our comprehensive checklist -everything but the kitchen sink – will help guide you and the person you support through the process, so that nothing is missed. An optimal transition will help people settle in well and get on with living their life in the community.

Topics include:

  • What’s involved in moving, making a plan and timeline
  • Building capacity before the move
  • Equipment, AT and home mods
  • Building the support team – person centred approaches to developing a sustainable support model, including SIL, ILO and daily living supports
  • Developmental safeguards and community connections
  • Contingencies and short term solutions, when things don’t go to plan

Who is this for:

Support coordinators and allied health professionals who are assisting a person move into a new home or return to their home following time in hospital or residential aged care.


Workshop facilitators: This workshop will be facilitated by Linda Hughes – Support Coordinator and NDIS expert, advocate and the Summer Foundation’s UpSkill Lead.

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